AR : Universal Remotes : ARRX18G

18-device universal remote control


  • Simple one touch controls your entire home theater

  • Large touch screen with bright LCD color display
  • Remove remote clutter and control up to 18 different devices with one remote
  • RF capability gives you whole house control
  • On remote setup gets you started in no time, with no hassle
  • Effortless navigation through the full color LCD screen
  • Fine tune and personalize your settings with EZ RC website
  • Create personal profiles for each family member including favorite channels
The Xsight touch will change your home entertainment forever. Use it right out of the box through the guided setup on the color LCD touch screen. And the real remote control power comes through on the EZRC website. You can customize the features to control your home theater with simple one touch activities. Create personalized profiles with channel favorites for everyone in the family. Install the Xsight EZRC remote control setup wizard software.
  • Extended satellite and cable TV, PVR, DVR functionality
  • Capable of learning commands from your old remote
  • User friendly button spacing can virtually eliminate button pushing errors
  • Network icons helps you find your favorite channel
  • Backlight keypad provides solution for low light, evening viewing
  • Additional language setups in espanol, francais, italiano and deutsch
  • Charging cradle allows you to recharge or operate remote control from base unit
  • World class IR code library database
  • Lithium ion remote control battery
  • High gloss black finish
  • 2.2 inch QCIF LCD touch screen display
  • Built in 433 MHz RF works through walls, ceilings, and floors
  • RF extender required; accessory model ARRE433B
  • Quick start guide and cd rom for setup
  • UPC 044476064098
  • One year limited warranty