AR : Wireless Speakers : AWS63

AR Portable wireless speaker 900 MHz Black

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  • Totally portable sound with two ways to connect

  • Great for home: 900MHz wireless up to 150ft of the transmitter
  • Great on the go: speaker
  • Simple to set up, both wirelessly and with the 3.5mm input
  • Great sound in a compact form, with 2-way acoustic design and bass boost
  • Compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod; works with Android
  • Weather-resistant design perfect for outdoors
  • Includes speaker, transmitter, 2 AC power adapters, a mini-jack to stereo lead adapter, and 3ft mini-jack cable
  • 900MHz wireless transmitter offers 3 selectable broadcast frequencies, with Automatic Level Control (ALC)
  • 1-year limited warranty
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