AR : Wireless Speakers : AWS5B3

AR Portable Wireless Bluetooth speaker Silver


  • Bluetooth wireless lets you stream and control your music from your Bluetooth-enabled device

  • Great for home: 900MHz wireless up to 150ft from the transmitter
  • Simple to set up, via Bluetooth wireless, 900MHz wireless, or direct connect
  • Great sound in a compact form, with 2-way acoustic design and bass boost
  • Compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod; works with Android
  • Weather-resistant design perfect for outdoors
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  • Includes speaker, transmitter, 2 AC power adapters, a mini-jack to stereo lead adapter, and 3ft mini-jack cable
It's the ultimate in portable sound for music that goes wherever you go. Bluetooth wireless lets you stream and control your music from any Bluetooth-enabled wireless product, great for anywhere you are. The 900MHz wireless transmitter gives you 150ft of room to roam from your audio source, great for outdoor entertaining at home, with crystal clear high quality wireless audio. And the speaker's 3.5mm jack offers a convenient connection option to use everywhere in betweenjust connect your MP3 player or smartphone to the speaker and enjoy!

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  • 900MHz wireless transmitter offers 3 selectable broadcast frequencies, with Automatic Level Control (ALC)
  • 1-year limited warranty