AR : Wireless Speakers : AW822

Wireless indoor and outdoor speaker with auto tuning


  • Enjoy music or TV sound without any speaker wires

  • Patented omni-directional 900MHz RF wireless technology
  • Water resistant design great for outdoor settings
  • Transmitter sends audio up to 250 feet or 80 meters
  • Use with your TV, audio video receiver, stereo, or computer
  • 2-way acoustic design provides high quality omni-directional sound
  • Essential controls are in one place for ease of use
  • Built-in carrying handle lets you take your music anywhere
Having your tunes with you outside on the deck or patio is pretty cool, but some wired solutions are too much work and inconvenient. Or enjoy listening to music in any location without sacrificing high quality sound. The AW822 uses AR's patented wireless technology and convenient push-button, auto-lock PLL tuning to guarantee a clear audio signal up to 250 feet away from the transmitter, through walls, floors, windows and ceilings. So go beyond the limits of wired connections.
  • Transmitter has 3 selectable broadcast frequencies
  • PLL guarantees crystal clear audio by locking the transmitter signal
  • Automatic level control prevents sudden volume changes
  • Tripod feet and water-resistant design is perfect for an outdoor setting
  • Speaker has 2 inch dome tweeter and 5 inch woofer for quality sound
  • Internal 7.5 watt RMS amplifier in each speaker
  • Dual-power mode to run on batteries or supplied AC adapter
  • Speaker is sienna brown in color
  • Includes 1 speaker, transmitter, 2 AC adapters, 2 adapters and owners manual
  • 1 year limited warranty
Range (Distance)    250 ft
Product Finish    Brown
Battery Type    C
Memory    N
Tweeter Size (inches)    2
Woofer Size (inches)    5
Speaker Enclosure    Sealed