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Acoustic Research Personal Sound Amplifier


  • Ultra-light and discreet, won't interfere with eyewear

  • High-definition digital sound
  • 4 gain and noise-reduction settings: 3 for speech, 1 for music
  • 15-hour rechargeable battery: no need to hassle with replacing
  • Package includes earpiece, thin tubes (left and right), wide tube, domes (medium and large), charger kit, and cleaning brush/pick
  • Dedicated gain setting for music, with full-range equalization
  • 6-Month Warranty
  • Can be used in left or right ear
  • Speech frequency amplification and active layered noise reduction
  • Syllabic layer reduces noise that is embedded in speech
  • Environment layer slowly reduces environmental noise in the absence of speech
  • Quick recovery layer provides noise reduction with fast recovery for speech onset
  • Dynamic compression circuitry amplifies softer sounds without amplifying sudden loud sounds
  • Open-fit, non-occluding earpiece and patented ear tube construction