AR : Power Conditioners & Surge Protection : PW1000

Home Theater Power Station with SpeedPass


  • SpeedPass Quick Connect gives you front panel access for quick and simple connection

  • 75db EMI/RFI PureCurrent filtering enhances picture and sound quality, protecting against "dirty power"
  • 6840 Joules of Surge Protection prolongs the life of your home theater and prevent surges and spikes from damaging valuable electronics
  • Exclusive switchable USB power circuitry charges virtually all tablets and phones (regular chargers can
  • 5-port gigabit switch connects high-speed network devices (up to 1000Mbps) via Ethernet for streaming rich audio/video media
  • No hassle connection of gaming devices, PCs, camcorders, or virtually any portable device, right from the front panel
  • Eliminate the tangle of wires and leave your A/V unit in place
  • $500,000 connected equipment guarantee
The PW1000 is the first complete power and connectivity solution for today's connected home theater. It provides Acoustic Research PureCurrent power conditioning and surge protection to get the most from your home theater and keep it safe. The PW1000 also makes it easy to connect new, portable additiona to home theaters, with SpeedPass, offering front-panel connectivity for all the most common portable devices. And a 5-port Ethernet switch offers reliable, Gigabit, wired Internet access to support rich audio/video streaming for multiple entertainment devices.
  • Pass-through connections: USB, HDMI, component video and stereo audio, composite video and stereo audio, digital coax, MP3/portable audio (3.5mm to stereo), Ethernet
  • Front panel charging: 2 AC, 2 USB (1 switchable, optimized for tablets)
  • Back panel AC power: 6 switched outlets, 2 always-on outlets
  • Back panel Ethernet: 1 input, 3 outputs
  • Back panel coax: 2 in/out