AR : Power Conditioners & Surge Protection : ARO6

6-Outlet EcoFicient Surge Protector with EcoFicient


  • Protects home office components from harmful surges

  • Saves energy and money by automatically powering down peripherals when your PC or laptop is off
  • 2 USB charging outlets for your smartphone, tablet, gaming or other portable device
  • Optimized USB charging outlet for iPad (2.1 Amps)
  • Protects your modem, phone and more
  • 6 protected AC power outlets, 1 protected Ethernet in/out, 1 protected phone in/out
  • $200,000 Limited Connected Equipment Guarantee
  • 3420 Joules of surge protection
Your PC, laptop, printer, scanner and other office components consume energy even when they're in "standby mode!" EcoFicient and managed outlets automatically reduce the amount of standby power used by energy-wasting devices. Connect your PC or laptop to the EcoFicient outlet, and your peripherals into managed outlets. Turn your computer off, and devices connected to the managed outlets will automatically be powered down to eliminate wasteful standby energy use.
  • 65dB EMI/RFI filtering noise filtering
  • 1 Ecoficient outlet, 2 managed outlets
  • All AC outlets accommodate oversized plugs