AR : Power Conditioners & Surge Protection : ARO6

6-Outlet EcoFicient Surge Protector with EcoFicient


  • Protects home office components from harmful surges

  • Saves energy and money by automatically powering down peripherals when your PC or laptop is off
  • 2 USB charging outlets for your smartphone, tablet, gaming or other portable device
  • Optimized USB charging outlet for iPad (2.1 Amps)
  • Protects your modem, phone and more
  • 6 protected AC power outlets, 1 protected Ethernet in/out, 1 protected phone in/out
  • $200,000 Limited Connected Equipment Guarantee
  • 3420 Joules of surge protection
  • 65dB EMI/RFI filtering noise filtering
  • 1 Ecoficient outlet, 2 managed outlets
  • All AC outlets accommodate oversized plugs