AR : Power Conditioners & Surge Protection : AR805TC

8 outlet power conditioner with phone, ethernet and coaxial protection


  • Electromagnetic and radio frequency interference filters remove noise from your power line

  • MOVs provide 3000 joules of energy dissipation to alleviate surge before it reaches your components
  • Amber protected indicator lit when surge is protecting equipment
  • 8 outlets with rotating safety covers keep out dust and foreign objects
  • Extra long 8 foot power cord with 45 degree plug for better flexibility in placement
  • Illuminated amber LED indicates power conditioner is powered
  • Audible alarm sounds when power conditioner needs to be replaced
  • Ample spacing between outlets accommodates larger plugs and more connections
Today's advanced display technologies make use of advanced microprocessors that are very sensitive to power fluctuations. That power that reaches your components is susceptible to interference from radio waves and electromagnetic energy that naturally occurs in your home. Filtering that interference from your power extends the life of components by optimizing their performance. This power conditioner offers 3000 joules of surge suppression to protect your components against power spikes and surges. Perfect for HDTV, satellite, DVD, computers, cable, DSL, telephone and small appliances.
  • 3 outlets for use with AC adapter blocks
  • PureCurrent filtering circuitry delivers clean power for enhanced audio and video performance
  • Amber ground indicator lights when power conditioner is properly grounded
  • Gold-plated coaxial input and output provides protection of set top boxes or antenna
  • 6 foot coaxial cable with gold-plated connectors included
  • Recessed power switch minimizes accidental shut down
  • Universal phone and ethernet protection; includes 6 foot cables
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • 6 foot coaxial cable with gold-plated connectors included
Flush Mount    N
Display    None
Remote    None
Memory    N